Lucid Realty's Chicago Area Realtor Reviews

Lucid Realty prides itself on providing exceptional service to clients despite offering discounted commissions and rebates. Read our testimonials to see why our top Chicago area realtors get 5 star reviews!

"John and I wanted to thank you again for providing such great service!  Eddie did a wonderful job, and we will be sure to refer people to you in the future.I can't tell you how happy we were to receive the rebate check after the transaction closed.  Eddie may have told you, but we have a lot of renovation work to do on our new place, and the commission refund has allowed us to complete more of the work than we would have otherwise. " John and Sharon, Highland Park Buyers July 2014

Lucid Realty Reviews On Angie’s List

"....I was extremely pleased with Gary Lucido's work on my lot purchase in December 2012.  I chose Lucid Realty because 1) they offered a commission rebate and 2) I felt they offered much better service than Redfin....."  Read more of this review on Angie's List. Kyle, Land Purchase, September 2013

"....Lucid Realty became our team to consider properties...Team to support and trusted advisor!...." Read more of this review on Angie's List. Bob and Theresa, Investors, September 2013

".....My experience with Lucid Realty was terrific. I liked everything about them, I would highly recommend them...." Read more of this review on Angie's List. Richard, Home Buyer, July 2013

"....He wasn’t pushy, gave me honest feedback, and understood what my interests were and what I was looking for. I have recommended him to friends." Read more of this review on Angie's List. Deena, Buyer, July 2012

"...We were just beginning to search for our first home purchase and Sari turned out to be a godsend!...." Read more of this review on Angie's List. Matt, Home Buyer, July 2013

".....Not only was she extremely friendly, she was informative and knowledgeable about the market, and patient while answering all of my questions. I would recommend Sari and Lucid Realty to everyone!!....." Read more of this review on Angie's List. Jeanine, Condo Buyer, June 2013

"......Overall, Sari did a fantastic job helping us find our home in the location we wanted. I felt very pleased with the amount of work and dedication she took to fulfill our needs....."   Read more of this review on Angie's List. Shawna, Home Buyer, May 2013

".....Lucid's services for me went above and beyond to help me research properties, deal with negotiations and ultimately close the deal. They served as a reliable go-to point of contact for questions from mundane to pretty extensive.  Read more of this review on Angie's List. John, Evanston Investor,  May 2008

Lucid Realty Reviews On Yelp

"Sari at Lucid Realty was great to work with. .... Sari was very helpful through the entire home buying process. The best part of working with Sari was how flexible she was when it came to showing us homes. . ...also very good at dealing with difficult sellers and always had an answer for us. We highly recommend Lucid Realty." Read more of this review on Yelp. Lisa and Kevin W, Bolingbrook Home Buyers

"Sari Levy did a great job of selling our home, start to finish.  We paid about a percent less than what anyplace else quoted us (and don't feel like we sacrificed anything by way of quality of service in doing so.  Their marketing, from the website, to the photographers they used, to the brochures they created, all seemed top-notch, and throughout the process, she was always there to get the showings scheduled and promptly answer any questions we had.  We couldn't be happier with the service that Sari provided us and will definitely be recommending her to any of our friends or family looking to buy or sell in the area." Read more of this review on Yelp.  Tyson and Heather, Elmhurst Home Sellers March 2014

"....I got a rather substantial rebate back.They were always available quickly when I wanted to see a place. Would definitely recommend..."  Read more of this review on Yelp. Brian, Chicago Home Buyer

"...If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and responsive real estate agent (and you like saving a few bucks), look no further than Lucid Realty!...." Read more of this review on Yelp. Amanda, Elmhurst Home Buyer, August 2012

"...Gary is one heck of an informed realtor.  He really knows his stuff.  He is always thoroughly prepared, well-researched, always ready with important information and he gives the straight dope.  He doesn't mess around.  He's not the type that will shuffle you around, push you around..."  Read more of this 5 star review on Yelp. Becky, Mixed Use Property Seller

"Sari at Lucid Realty is awesome. ....I highly recommend Sari ....she is responsive, easy to work with and best of all they offer a rebate on their commission. Full service real estate agent for a fraction of the cost!....." See more of this review on Yelp.  Adam, Elmhurst Home Buyer, May 2012

"Gary was great! Provided all kinds of useful advice, never pushed anything on us, and never tried to talk us out of anything. But after a couple trips looking at houses, we knew that we liked the advice he was giving us. Great service and a rebate on the fee. Absolutely wonderful (and we still read his posts on real estate in Chicago).  I forgot to mention that not only was Gary great when it came to finding the house we wanted, the commission rebate was a real bonus!" Read more of this review on Yelp.  John A, Chicago Home Buyer

"...They are smart and attentive and can really help in the negotiation process. I really think these guys are great and would recommend them to anyone.." Read more of this review on Yelp. Rik U, Chicago Home Buyer

"Let me state (again) what a relief it is to work with an agent who is so financially savvy. The buyers agent we used to purchase our condo didn't even understand the impact of moving the closing date."  Read more of this review on Yelp. Jordan, Hyde Park Home Buyer

"I recently purchased a townhome with the help of Sari at Lucid Realty.  Sari is very pleasant to work with and was always very responsive.  I would recommend her to anyone that's considering a home purchase. The commission rebate was also a nice bonus." Read more of this review on Yelp. Jon W, Bartlett Condo Buyer

"....She pulled off an impossible feat by getting me the house I wanted in my price range in a market which heated up rapidly and became cut-throat competitive.  She never lost patience when my offers failed on numerous homes due to bidding wars.  She stuck by me when I ended up buying a short-sale which took almost one year and had several complications...."  Read more of this review on Yelp.

"....Bottom line, I would recommend using Lucid/Gary to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property.  If you are the type of person who wants the full service real estate package, you can take advantage of buyer/seller rebate program.  And if you are like us, who plan on doing a lot of the legwork themselves on identifying properties and researching them before paying a visit, you will not find a better deal than the hourly program......"  Read more of this review on Yelp.

Lucid Realty Reviews On Trulia

".....We are so lucky to have found Sari to help us buy our first house. She's very helpful in every way and good at explaining the home buying process. She responds quickly and is very professional, knowledgeable and honest."  Read more of this review on Trulia. Nhu, Elmhurst Home Buyer, May 2013

"We want to thank Lucid for the first rate job you did in selling our home in Northbrook. Lucid distinguished itself from all of the many realtors we interviewed. Your company understood how to... actually market on the internet...."  Read more of this review on Trulia Northbrook Home Seller

"....Lucid saved me time and money by explaining the different non-traditional ways I could utilize their services. The days of a one size fits all real estate brokerage are gone. You need someone that will work for you on your terms. I would happily use Lucid Realty again....."   Read more of this review on TruliaJoe, Chicago Condo Buyer

"Real estate agents are two things. First, he is smart and detail oriented. He gives you through statistical analyzes and specific comments from each showing. Second, he is honest. We had to convince him to lower our listing price, which in the end would mean little monetarily in commission, but a lot of money to us as sellers."  Read more of this review on Trulia.   Kara, North Center Home Seller

"We are really lucky to have found Gary and Sari as our sell and buy agents. They are very professional, knowledgeable and most of all, great people to work with. With Sari’s help, we were able to find and buy our perfect dream home at the unbeatable price in less than 3 months! Even though she never pushed us for any decisions; and her excellent communication skills helped us went through the negotiation and purchasing process smoothly. We call her our “Lucky Charm”, but luck has nothing to do with it. Gary has the most sophisticated marketing skills. He efficiently advertises our condo on various venues and monitors the performances. He sends out frequent updates with detailed visitor counts and graphs. He has always been able to predict our upcoming showings from his data, and he is always present at the showing for effective communication and first hand feedbacks. He also has excellent communication skills and strategies. We can’t be happier with both of them, and will highly recommend them to any buyers or sellers!"  Read more of this review on TruliaFlannie and Xiaowei, Repeat Clients

".... it not only was a pleasure to have you as my Realtor but also a positive to make your acquaintance…you have many nice attributes ...."  Read more of this review on TruliaGigi, South Loop Condo Seller, May 2011

“This was my first time in the marketplace as a seller and Gary and Randy were incredible. They were patient and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire process. In addition they both possess the sales skills necessary to get the job done. It was a pleasure to work with Gary and Randy and I would recommend them to anyone!"  Read more of this review on TruliaIris, South Loop Home Seller, August 2011

".....Highly recommend Gary Lucido! He is super smart and for sure our geeky friend, not your typical sales agent as all.  (Olivia) also worked with him and liked the process. He also offers home buyer rebate. Here's his website"  Read more of this review on Trulia.  Cherry, Chicago Condo Buyer, 2011

".... I truly appreciate your hard work and effort in selling my home. Your exceptional personal service went beyond my expectations and you should be commended.  You can definitely count on me for recommendations to my friends and family...".  Read more of this review on TruliaPaul Eder, Algonquin Home Seller

Lucid Realty Reviews On Zillow

"What a great experience! Sari Levy from Lucid Realty was very helpful and supportive with the home buying process. Sari makes you feel that you are her top priority. Her enthusiasm, friendliness, expertise, responsiveness, passion,clear vision are like none other that I have worked with when it comes to Realtor. Sari has given us all the benefits of a highly knowledgeable full service agency. Any questions I had were answered in a matter of minutes.She is also really honest and diligent. I highly recommend Sari Levy. See this review on Zillow " Liju New Construcion Buyer 2014

"My wife and I worked with Carie Cox through both a first-time home buying experience and for the sale of my condo. Through both processes, Carie was a savior. She was incredibly helpful and responsive, .... working with a close friend rather than just a realtor. .... Carie made it as painless as possible and provided great advice throughout the process with some very difficult ..... Carie was incredibly patient as we searched through hundreds of houses online, and walked through 30+ houses in person before finally finding 'the one'! I highly recommend working with Carie for any buying or selling experience, you will not be disappointed!" Read more of this review on Zillow Anthony, Buyer and Seller July 2014

"....Absolutely fantastic service, full service at discount price. I loved how intelligent and on top of things Sari and Gary are. It's not like I'm emailing a great void that never responds - usually they get back to me with thoughtful, meaningful answers and ADVICE within minutes. They're out to change the real estate brokerage game, and what a fantastic way to start..".  Read more of this review on Zillow. John, Multi Family Property Buyer, June 2011

"Working with Sari Levy from Lucid Realty was a great experience. Her expertise helped us navigate through the whole process of buying a home. This was my third real estate purchase in the last ten years and I can honestly say Sari was the most patient agent I have ever met. And to top off her skills, she gave us a refund check at closing ..."  Read more of this review on Zillow. Aftab, Hoffman Estates Home Buyer

"Sari made our first home purchase exciting and fun. .... always willing to answers any question we had, even if it went outside her responsibilities. She made us feel comfortable a...... She was honest and looked out for us. I can't say enough about Sari's "whatever it takes" mentality."  Read more of this review on Zillow. Torie and Ryan, Home Buyers, Lombard

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"Sari and Eddie at Lucid Realty are great to work with. They are easy to work with and get down to exactly what you want. They helped me sell my house in just three days with two offers. There were so many showings I couldn't believe it. They did an outstanding job and the closing ran so smooth. Thanks Eddie! Thanks Sari! I would recommend them to everyone I know. "  Lynne P., Hanover Park Home Seller  June 2014